Custom Application Development

How we will help you?

We offer our customers to start with product design workshops to shape concepts and test theories, helping transform ideas into data-led product design using The Lean Startup Methodology, so you’ll only pursue ideas that have real business value.
Our dedicated R&D team provides a strategic advantage for your most complex custom application requirements. We’re adept at developing products that utilise innovative technologies – for challenges that demand sophisticated new-world solutions.
Our agile team will help you meet deadlines more cost-effectively. We operate under a delivery framework that guarantees consistency, transforming years of experience into a unified approach that minimises bottlenecks.
We’ll help you automate your processes so you can free up your resource and focus on delivering better client service. Once we’ve scoped your requirements, we adopt responsibility for project implementation and the delivery team – allowing you to focus purely on your core business.
“ieSoft helped us developed several custom software solutions for my company. These solutions helped increased our productivity and lower our costs at the same time. All of the changes required latter on were met in budget and in time”
Guillermo Pereira

Deliver an application that adds real business and user value, with ieSoft

What we can do for you

ieSoft’ custom application development covers third-party integration, mobile, desktop, web, DWH and BI. Once you’ve outlined your initial requirements, we’ll work with you to validate your product vision and assumptions, before taking over project implementation.

Idea Validation

Together, we’ll scope your project requirements and identify which ideas hold the most water, before creating a roadmap for the project that ensures the best possible chance of success and future robustness.

Innovation and Development

Our greate team will develop the best-fit software solution for your requirements, utilizing emerging technologies to plug gaps in your current IT ecosystem.

Software Testing

ieSoft’ custom application development services look at both the functional requirements of your application and also its quality, from the perspective of your users – in line with industry standards. We offer software, user acceptance testing as well as creation of technical documentation.

Project Governance

We provide a single point of accountability; outlining roles, responsibilities and key stakeholder relationships. We operate transparently in providing issue management and resolution – to keep your project moving. Project governance includes deployment of product to your environment as well as progress reporting.

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