5 Reasons Custom Software Development is Right for You

Your company is starting to hit a growth phase, you’ve nailed down a potentially scalable business model and your clientele sentiment analysis is strong. You’re building your next steps for success but you come across one large decision yet to make: do we go with straight off the shelf software or go the route of custom software development?

You’re building your next steps for success but you come across one large decision yet to make: do we go with straight off the shelf software or go the route of custom software development?

Every business, at one point or another, has to team up with another organization in order to solve problems. For some, this is simply outsourcing their customer service. Others need more in-depth, complicated solutions for their business. As more and more businesses look for outside help, the custom software development industry has grown into a way for many organizations to get the exact solutions they need.

It is important for enterprises to invest in custom software development to empower their business growth with a more personalized digital arsenal. Several executives may argue that custom software development is a costly affair, but buying commercial off the shelf software could do more harm than good in the long run if it is not tailored to your objectives.

In order to help quell the fears that you might have, we have put together a few reasons why custom software development might be right for your company. We hope that with the knowledge laid out in this article, you can take the next step for your business.

Here are 5 reasons why custom software can oftentimes be a more effective avenue:

1. There’s No Such Thing as One Size Fits All

Your business has specific needs and problems to be solved. If you and your company can’t find a solution that fits you, custom might be the way to go. Your custom software development company will work with you to cater to your specific goals and needs. Developing custom software is bespoke, which means the applications and programs will be entirely tailor-made for your company. You tailor its features to your exact requirements and decide exactly what it does and how it works.

While there is some quality pre-made software available, it is highly unlikely that it will fit every need an organization has. Each organization is going to have specialized needs – some more than others – that must be addressed. Without custom software development, those needs are going to go unmet. Modifying built-in features is rarely an option with store-bought software, whereas systems built just for you take all of this into account, play to your strengths and scale with your size and changing needs.

2. The cost might be less than you think

While “custom” usually means “more expensive,” that is not always the case when it comes to custom software development. On the one hand, ready-made software in the short term is usually always cheaper. That’s kind of its selling point. But, in the long run, custom software will almost always be less expensive.

When you opt for a ready-made software, you are investing money into another developer’s company. However, when you work with a team on creating software specifically for your company, all of that money and effort goes right back into increasing the value of your organization and helps you to create better solutions for your own customers.

3. Ongoing support from the software development team

Unlike using a ready-made solution, employing a custom software development team gives you a direct line to the people who created your software. As your company shifts and changes, your software will need to evolve. Instead of having to search for an alternate solution to solve these new problems, you can just work with your existing development team to add new features.

When businesses go for custom software development, they have the liberty to build new capability on top of existing enterprise applications and hence saving considerable effort in development as well as reducing cost escalations. Having a team to customize existing software is a better alternative than engaging one to implement a third-party solution from scratch and then follow it up with expensive customizations to further suit your business requirements and objectives.

4. Increase your company’s value

The way you use the software in your organization and business may change over time. With a customized package, you can adapt it quickly to meet any changes in your business. You can update and manipulate the software as you wish. This scalability is not typically available with off-the-shelf packages, and even if it is, you still have no control over whether developers will make the upgrades you need in time. When you run your own program, you also avoid issues with obsolescence. A developer may decide to withdraw products or stop upgrading, forcing you to find other new solutions.

With your own custom software solution at your disposal, not only do you have a proprietary platform that can meet all of your specific needs, but it can also be built with the goal of outperforming specific weaknesses in what’s available to the rest of your competitors. By investing in software that is built to your specifications, you create a unique opportunity that none of your competition will have access to.

Along with this, it also creates a competitive advantage for your company. Most organizations do not opt for custom software development for one reason or another. If you are operating with a solution specifically designed for your company while your competition is using outdated and ill-fitting software, you will be starting off with a leg up on them.

5. Adaptability and Integration

For integrating systems from multiple vendors, a considerable effort is needed and this could outweigh the advantages offered by individual systems. Such a scenario calls for creating a suite of operational enterprise applications, custom made to fit the objectives of your business.

Custom software development can improve the integration of multiple business systems into one function app. For many companies, this is the best reason for choosing a custom solution. It also can help you cut down on time spent using different software.

Work with your IT development team to figure out which core systems you need to be integrated into your solution. Just think about what this could mean for you and your company. By increasing efficiency, you will be able to reduce the churn rate and improve customer relationships across the board.

Final thoughts

When it comes to finding the right solution, custom software development has plenty of benefits worth considering. We believe your business has a great opportunity to improve and continue moving forward.

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